Hulu Activate – Enter Activation Code for Hulu

Get access to Hulu streaming library without any limit. You can watch news, sports, entertainment and much more on Hulu plus. You should sign up for the Hulu account Hulu official website

Signup for Hulu At

  1. Open your browser and open ‘’.
  2. If you haven’t used Hulu before, then you can opt for the ‘Try Hulu For Free’ option. This will give you a chance to use Hulu for free for an entire week.
  3. Once you click this option, you will see a form, which you have to fill in order to sign up. Fill the form and click ‘continue’.
    Fill in your card details so that you can use Hulu after the trial period gets over.
  4. Your account is now made and you can use Hulu without any hassle now.
  5. After signing up on Hulu, you have to sign in to the Hulu account, for which, you will require your email ID and password.

How To Get Hulu Free For Life?

Let me show you. I’m going to copy this to here and I’m going to go to Don’t click the start your free trail. Click on hulu login and copy this email to here. Write this number down on the password. The password is 997946. It is working here. I’m in hulu now.

You can create your own account or go to other people’s accounts. I’m going to create a hulu account. I will put the name as John. If you are a kid, you need to open this key. If you are older, click and put your dates such as birthday in. Choose male. If you’re female, click female. Then click this box to check in. Click read profile.